Girl Problems

Made Legend would like to welcome New York based band, Girl Problems. They were recently featured on Funny or Die and you can pick up their album as well as some merch at their Made Legend Store. A little background on the band and their self titled album: “Grammy winner Charles Goodan pairs Nick Weber’s sly, easy vocals with textured, unusual and exotic production. These tunes boast some rarely coexisting qualities, disarming yet hip. “Girl Problems”, the latest single, echoes new wave, Morris Day, Chris Butler’s work with The Waitresses and even Gaucho-era Steely Dan. Goodan laces blues piano, stinging guitar, and muted horns over his slinky beat; it’s cinematic, colorful, and weirdly winning. Weber’s wry storytelling is the core of the songs. He’s got his complaint, sure, but he keeps it in perspective: if men invariably have girl problems, they’ve got to accept their fair share of the blame for them. “I’ve got two sisters and I want them to be happy”, he confesses, “so I wouldn’t want them to end up with guys like me”.

Check out their videos on their YouTube channel.

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