Schiller, (band) German electronic ambient music

As a designer I am always looking for music to listen to as I work, music that inspires me and does not distract me from my current project. I tend to listen to a lot of ambiant music and as of late that means I listen to a lot of Schiller. Named after the German poet Friedrich Schiller, Schiller was founded in 1998 by Christopher von Deylen and Mirko von Schlieffen in Hamburg Germany.

Schiller’s uses vocals from famous guests artists from around the world mixed with his own electronic ambiant music which results in a wonderfully eclectic mixture of songs.  A prolific band, Schiller has released 12 albums and 20 singles since forming as well as a large collection of videos and international releases, 7 of which I now own. When I need to get in a great design session I load up his music and start designing.

To get you started I have linked a few videos below, but to get a real feel for Schiller head over to his Youtube channel (Link).

More ambiant goodness.

Check out these great songs as well:

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  1. Fardin rezaei says:

    than you
    i am in iran

    ich liebe dich schiller

    05.13.12 at 9:34 AM | Permalink

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