Jan-Kristof Lipp

Today while over lunch I came across the online portfolio of Jan-Kristof Lipp....


In my never-ending quest for good work music, a friend of mine introduced me...

Kyle Cooper Master of the title Sequence
Motion Graphics Designer Kyle Cooper

Back when I was a student at Goshen College, I wrote...

5ifty & 5ifty: Design with a purpose

5ifty & 5ifty is a San Diego based design collective...


As a designer I am always looking for music to...

Gotye, Somebody that I use to know

This week I found a great song that will not...

Lana Del Rey

So a few days ago my girlfriend (Diane) comes home...


I was spending a little QT time with Youtube the...

Eboy’s are Rocking The Isometric Art

Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr over at Eboy...

Beastie Boys Chillin
A Day With The Beast

I spent the day listening to “The Mix Up” (2007)...

Palua Fuga Lilikoi
Paula Fuga

Growing up in Hawaii there is nothing that brings me...

eebsofresh is so damn fresh!

A friend of mine just turned me on to Vancouver’s...

Hard Life Free Vector Pack
Hard Life Vector Pack

Download our sixth FREE vector pack. This one features a...

Reggae Weekend

Well, I spent the weekend sick in bed and jacked...

Lush by shinybinary
Shiny Binary

I have to admit I am a closet fan of...

Röyksopp – Remind Me

I have been a fan of Röyksopp for 4 or...

AudioSurf: Ride Your Music

Being a big fan of music and games I am...

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