Made Legend is looking for zine contributors. If you have writing experience, love music and would like to join us, let’s talk.


Cassidy is a serial entrepreneur who has worked with design in one form or another for most of his life. Whether working in 3D or designing for web and print he get excited about bringing creative projects to life. When not designing you can usually find him working on the business side of Made Legend. As a founding partner Cassidy’s vision and energy are a driving force in making the organization move forward. He currently lives in Southern California where he spends way too little time outdoors.

Location: Los Angeles, USA


Carl Bender is a designer living and working in the great city of San Francisco. When not designing and keeping up with the inner workings of Made Legend, he rides his bike around the city, goes to shows and enjoys sitting in the park with friends. Carl likes bringing people together to work on creative projects and is thankful for the opportunity to do so as creative director of Made Legend.

Location: San Francisco, USA


Simon is a self-admitted digital dilettante who currently resides in our nation’s capital. By day he leads ecommerce initiatives for a multinational hotelier. By night he scours the internet for great music, searches out hoppy beers, plays and works with games – both analog and video – and fails to keep up with an ever growing reading list.

Location: Washington DC, USA


Nicole is a free-spirited lover of music, yoga, travel, and the beautiful outdoors. She spends her days consulting with winemakers and taking in a gorgeous variety of vineyards. With a deep-seated love of all things music, Nicole enjoys spreading and sharing her voracious appetite for it while keeping constant tabs on the industry. When not going to shows she loves spending time with her family and friends, meeting new people, being spontaneous and diffusing her love of life to all she comes in contact with.

Location: San Francisco, USA

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