Justin Mezzell


I came across Justin Mezzell via dribbble and have been enjoying his work ever since. Justin is a New York based designer / illustrator who has a pretty broad skill set. Right now he’s working as a Creative Director at Quantic Fox “a mobile innovation studio comprised of creatives who eat, sleep and breathe new media.” Amazing body of work that...



I was digging through the layout porn blog, Gridness this past week and came across the studio Sweet Creative based out of Australia. I’ve been so overwhelmed by illustration in the design lately and it’s refreshing to come across a small studio that does such exceptional layout work. Reminds me of how awesome good layout design can be.  



I just ran into this great bit of artwork by Soria. Iñaki Soria Izquierd is a Barcelona, Spain based designer and other than I don’t know much about him beyond that he’s got great taste and has a nice collection of work up on his site (wish I knew more Spanish). I was especially into his stripped down representations of...

Tim Boelaars


God knows why I haven’t posted about the incredibly talented Tim Boelaars yet but I intend to right that wrong at this time. I’ve been following Tim on Dribbble since I signed up and am constantly impressed by the quantity and quality of his work. I’m a sucker for minimalism, clean lines and flat color and Tim’s work kills it. Get...

CSA Design


I’ve seen his work before but I’ve recently rediscovered the awesomeness of Charles S. Anderson otherwise known as CSA Design. Established in 1989, Charles S. Anderson Design specializes in identity development, packaging, and product design. Aside from the georgeous client work CSA Design creates what has become one of the most extensive and well-respected archives of licensable artwork in existence....

Mike Lemanski


Mike Lemanski is a freelance illustrator/designer from the UK. His work encompasses a number of areas within the field of design and art the strongest and most awesomest being his illustrations. I Love em and his extremely minimal yet effective use of texture. Great work Mike.

Michael Willis


Michael Willis is a 23 year old Graphic Artist & Illustrator working in London. His eclectic vision combines bold imagery, psychedelic graphics and airbrush art, delivering a unique and modern twist on pop culture and image making. Working primarily on editorial, music and fashion related projects, he is currently available for commissions and collaborations.

Rouven Stucki


So it’s been a little while since we’ve posted something new but we’re back with a bang. Rouven Stucki is a Swedish designer who can draw… really well. Love his hip-hop stylings with the gridded modernist undertones. Great work.

Will Bryant


Loving the work of Austin designer Will Bryant. Will makes stuff as a freelance creative and is a member of Public School, an Austin based collective comprised of designers, illustrators, and photographers.

Eboy’s are Rocking The Isometric Art


Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr over at Eboy are cranking out some freaking fantastic art. I first ran into their work when I saw the 2010 Gamespot/Comic-Con site skin that gamespot.com had them make.  Video at Adobe: Video I am 100% a fan of old school isometric art and these guys do some of the best I have...

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