Four Tet’s New Album


We’ve been listening to Four Tet‘s new album, “There is Love in You,” quite a bit lately and loving it. This one feels more mellow than his previous releases and certainly more mellow than any time we’ve seen him live. Have a listen and thank us later.

GhostStepper Video


Check out this new video giving a little background on GhostStepper the side project spawned from Philadelphia residents of Lotus: Luke Miller, Jesse Miller and Mike Greenfield. I haven’t been to show yet but I hear say it’s a good time.

War Photographer


Can’t get enough of Jason Forrest’s War Photographer. Great song and the animation done for it is by far one of the cooler things I’ve seen in a while. This one came out a while ago but worth a revisit if you haven’t witnessed the awesomeness.

Little Dragon


A good friend sent me this video by Little Dragon, a great band from Sweden. Love the stripped down-ness of this and the song isn’t too bad either. Enjoy.

The Morning Benders: Big Echo


Not too long ago Bay Area band The Morning Benders came out with a new album called “Big Echo”. We’ve been listening to it a lot lately and recommend it fully and completely.

Pacific Northwest Vector Pack


Download our very first of many FREE vector packs. This one features various elements found in the natural habitat of the American Pacific Northwest. Included are 13 editable line drawings of the natural world. Use them as you wish, we only ask that you not re-sell them for profit or use them for the design of a t-shirt.

The Gorilla’s “Stylo”


We’ve been watching the new Gorillaz video “Stylo” a lot lately. With cameo’s by non other than Bruce Willis. What’s not to like… They won’t allow an embed so take a look at it at:

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