Tame Impala at The Independant

This past Monday night I went and saw Australian band Tame Impala play at the Independent here in San Francisco. Their new album “Innerspeaker” has been getting a lot of play here at the studio and I was pumped to check them out live. I think their music lends itself well to the general vibe of San Francisco and when I got there I was happy to see that the place was packed and they were already on stage… Not a great show but not an awful one either. Like so many new bands I see live after getting into their albums, Tame Impala needs to work on their live performance. They seemed a little unsure of themselves and that always make me feel a little unsure of the band. A surprisingly young band that I’ll be following in the future for sure and I think they’re live shows can only get better the more they play together.

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