RUSH: Beyond the Lighted Stage


I just finished watching RUSH: Beyond the Lighted Stage and must say I was really impressed. One of these days I’d like to do a post on my top 10 rockumentaries and this one would definitely be close to the top. If you haven’t seen this yet it is most certainly worth your time. As it turns out these guys are way...

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Typography


I found these old typographic gems on BibliOdyssey. These are title pages, headings and letterforms clipped, cropped and isolated from maps and map publications issued between about 1880 and 1920 done by D. A. Sanborn, a young surveyor from Somerville. Really dig the one for Washington. So much ornament.

Caco Neves


Caco Neves is a designer from São Paulo with some crazy elaborate video collage work in his bag of tricks. He does motion graphics, art direction, illustration and branding and has put in his fair share of time at a variety of firms.

Munk One


MunkOne is a contemporary American Illustrator and Fine artist known for creating artwork for many major labels and bands. He is also known for working with clothing brands, recognized for their artwork and creativity. Munk One’s fine art has also gained much attention through many galleries both at home and abroad. After years of working full time in the apparel...

Jakob Holmsberg


Jakob Holmsberg is a designer living in central Copenhagen and his work has a delightfully Copenhagen-like. Jakob specializes in creating image marketing, editorial design, concept development, brand identities and web design. His style is pretty gridded and traditional but he does it well.

Young Jerks


Young Jerks is the one man designs studio of Dan Cassaro. Dan Cassaro is a designer, animator and print-maker living in Brooklyn, New York. He puts words on paper so that they might be accountable for themselves. He has some really amazing type work in his portfolio along with great illustration work and has done work for the likes of...

Simon Walker


Came across the work of Simon Walker via Grain Edit and had to pass it along. Simon has an endless sea of amazing typographic and illustrative work up on his Flickr page that is worth spending some time with. Lots and lots of experimental, commercial and personal work with a very America of yester-year feel.

Surplus Design Studio


I’m in love Surplus Design Studio, AKA the work of Anthony Dimitre. The geometry, the simplicity, everything. Love it.

Jez Burrows


I just realized that I have never posted about the talented Jez Burrows. Today that mistake will be corrected. Jez Burrows is a 24-year-old designer, illustrator and forest enthusiast, based in Edinburgh. He is co-founder of independent press Sing Statistics, one fifth of collective Evening Tweed, and occasional contributor to design blog It’s Nice That.

Joel Evey


I’ve seen Joel’s work before and was really drawn to his conventionally unconventional style. His work has a retro feel without drawing on retro cliches and for that I applaud him. Love the simplicity, the minimalism and his extremely limited color palette. Reminds me of Node in the best way possible. Great work.

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