Pretty Lights


In the relatively short time Pretty Lights (aka Derek Vincent Smith) has been around he’s managed to draw some serious crowds and rightly so. The kid is talented. I heard about him a few years back and was transfixed by the video on his MySpace page performing a short excerpt of a remix of “finally moving” with an mlr 2.27...

Niark 1


Came across the work of graphic designer and illustrator Niark 1 from Paris. Love his illustration style and love the work he did for Joia Magazine.

I Love Dust


These guys have been around for a while but it’s been some time since I’ve checked out their new work. Feast thine eyes on the majesty that is “I Love Dust“. So good.



Just heard about Portland based band Floater who will be coming to Bottom of The Hill here in San Francsico on October 13th. These guys have been playing for 16 years and from the sounds of it getting better over time. Usually not my cup of tea but I think these guys have potential. Enjoy their video “In Transition,” above.

Röyksopp – Remind Me


I have been a fan of Röyksopp for 4 or so years now so it comes as a bit of a surprise to stumble onto this fantastic video for the song “Remind Me”. I know that I will be spending the next few hours going over all of their videos and tracking down the team that put this one together.



panoptICONS is a project by Thomas voor ‘t Hekke and Bas van Oerle that brings up some interesting points about privacy in an urban setting – and also succeeds in freaking me out. In their words: ‘panoptICONS’ addresses the fact that you are constantly being watched by surveillance cameras in city centres. The surveillance camera seems to have become a...

Caribou – Sun (Altrice Remix)


While perusing my email I noticed a friendly reminder of decent shows in DC over the next few months, sent by a buddy of mine. Which in turn reminded me of Caribou playing the Black Cat on 9/22… which then led to the recollection of a fantastic crowd-sourced remix of Sun. This is probably my favorite track from Dan Snaith’s...

Holy Ghost! – Static On The Wire (RAC Remix)


If I were to host a dance party any time soon, I feel it would be a crime not to spin at least a few RAC remixes. The Remix Artist Collective is a group of young musicians, djs, producers and audio engineers who seem to pretty regularly take noteworthy tracks by indie musicians and transform them into tunes that reach...

Tatiana Plakhova – Complexity


I fell in love with these digital images from Russian designer, Tatiana Plakhova the moment I laid eyes on them and the fact that on her Behance Network page for these she has audio of Boards of Canada’s Zoetrope didn’t hurt at all. I’m not sure how she’s creating these images but they’re beautiful.

Leandro Lima


Leandro Lima is an Italian illustrator whose slightly psychedelic, dada-esq illustrations remind me of early Monty Python animations. I love the little world’s he creates in each one of his pieces and the color and texturing he uses. Good stuff.

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