Mark Ward Melt’s Face


Recently stumbled across the work of illustrator / designer Mark Ward. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of him soon but he’s a graphic artist based in South London who graduated from Central St. Martins. He does alot of fashion / apparel and editorial work and from his website he… “mixes surreal elements inspired by Americana with the everyday, encouraging...

Gangpol & Mit – Fiat Drivers


The French duo Gangpol & Mit just realeased a new animated DVD called, “Fiat Drivers.”  Based on the promo animation this looks pretty amazing. A little background from the publishing company… Starting in 2002, Guillaume Castagne and Sylvain Quément have continuously created their own universe of deviant cartoons and technicolor anthems. Guillaume emails some graphics to Sylvain, who then composes...

The Slow Poisoner


Made Legend would like to welcome The Slow Poisoner. The Slow Poisoner (alias Andrew Goldfarb) is a one-man-surrealistic-rock-and-roll-band from San Francisco. He strums a guitar shaped like a dying swan and sings about swamp women, weeping willows, furtive rituals, cosmic paranoia, creeping fungi, forgotten diseases and witches in the woods. He keeps time by thumping on a kick drum rigged...

Non-Format On Design Trends


A good friend passed this great video along of Non-Format‘s Kjell Ekhorn, talking about the rise and fall of design trends, thus reinforcing my conviction that the best style is no style at all. As one of the creatives behind a studio that has been the purveyor of so many design trends over the last few years it refreshing to...

The Soft White Sixties


This past Saturday I saw San Francisco based band, The Soft White Sixties play at Thee Parkside. Came to the show with no expectation whatsoever but was kinda blown away by how polished the band was. These guys are good, they sound like they’ve been playing together for a while and they’ve got a ton of energy. Aside from that...

Signal Noise


Signal Noise has been around for a long time but he’s got some new work out since last I checked in so I thought we’d give him a nod here on Made Legend.

Drew Rios


Just came across some amazing work by “Aanoi” on DeviantArt. From what I can gather this is the work of Drew Rios. Great use of texture and he’s got many styles which is pretty refreshing. Check out his work on DeviantArt and be inspired.

Black Swan Animation


A really interesting experimental / unofficial video done for Thom Yorke’s song, Black Swan. I love how much feeling and emotion gets conveyed through the use of simple shapes and colors which seems hard to do with a song that’s so prolific. Guy Harlap, the animator of this gem, is a traditional illustrator and it looks like he’s doing some...

Fever Ray – When I Grow Up


This video has been kicking around for a while as has Fever Ray, but we thought it worth a second look. One simple location, one time frame, one character and still it’s incredibly interesting and beautiful. Our hats off to director Martin de Thurrah for creating something so visually compelling yet so simple.

Blind – Lilac Wine


Georgeous work from Blind, once again. This time they’ve tackled a project from notorious 90′s boot maker Dr. Martens. The company asked 10 artists to record their version of a cult classic track that represents the spirit of the people who’ve worn DM’s over the past 50 years. One of the songs selected was Cinematic Orchestra’s rendition of the classic,...

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